About RED


RED Gaming Za

Is a south african based competative e-sports team. our roots formed in the trenches of battlefield 1 back in 2017. we have continued to grow and expand with battlefield V, apex and now COD MW.


-Bf1 war pidgeons champions

-2019 rmgza summer apex league runners up

-2019 rmgza winter apex league runners up

-Clan wars 2v2 cod mw 2nd and 3rd place


- Duncs13

Objective and support based SMG player that occasionally will pick up an AR on the longer range maps. Duncs13 has been part of RED since 2017 and is the current team captain. 

- Mrr_Worldwide_

The anchor on the AR, Mrr-Wolrdwide- is a laser with the M4A1 covering the team as they push onto objectives and now and again jumping onto the objective when the team requires him to. All weapons come naturally Mrr-Worldwide- but sniping is one of his main talents on the Comp scene. He joined in 2020 and has quickly established himself as a core member of the team.

- frostywarhog

REDs own jack of all trades, SMGs, ARs and snipers all feel at home in the hands of frostywarhog. On and around the objective is where his slaying come alive. Joined RED in 2019 for a brief stint but has returned full time in 2020 making the objective slayer role his own.

- Grizzly_Bear086

They say with age come wisdom and that is exactly what Grizzly provides when running our games, from keeping spawns to player management Grizzly covers it all with his trusty MP5 in hand. Joining RED in 2019 to partner his wife, Grizzly has been instrumental in getting RED to where it is.

- Hyper_ZA

When the pressure is on and the team is on the back foot up steps the man with ice in his vains..... Hyper_ZA is a class act on the AR and give him a SMG and watch the kill feed tick over at HYPER speed. RED gained the services of Hyper_ZA in 2020  and who knows the limit to his potential on the competitive scene